Digital Infra Research

The IO Digital Infrastructure Index

The IO Digital Infrastructure Index (BYTE) is the leading benchmark for investing in the growing, modern, high tech digital infrastructure industry.

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Digital Infrastructure Must Blanket the World

The digitized modern future that we all want to take for granted is built on top of Digital Infrastructure. Everything from cryptocurrency to SaaS to cloud to streaming video lives on digital infrastructure.

In its white paper, Digital Infrastructure Must Blanket the World, IO Digital Index Partners describes how data centers, fiber connectivity, mobile towers and 5G, and last mile broadband are the most critical infrastructure assets of the future.

Why Software is Eating the World

Renowned VC, Marc Andreessen of A16Z, famously wrote that software is eating the world as early as 2011. What is unsaid is that for software to eat the world, first digital infrastructure must blanket the world. Below is a link to his seminal thought piece.