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The IO Digital Infrastructure Index (BYTE) is the leading benchmark for investing in the growing, modern, high tech infrastructure industry.

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Digital Infrastructure Explained

The Opportunity in Digital Infrastructure is large and secular.

Digital infrastructure is comprised of the physical assets that underpin the digital world. Regardless of what technology services win, digital infrastructure assets power the experience. When you stream a movie, play an online game, use a mobile app, or work remotely, you are relying on digital infrastructure to deliver provide fast, seamless outcome.

Digital infrastructure assets include data centers, fiber optic networking, fixed-line last mile technology (like cable), and mobile infrastructure (such as cell phone towers, small cells, and 5G).

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The $BYTE Index of 40 global digital infrastructure businesses has already seen substantial M&A activity just in its first 8 months, particularly amongst data center operators like $SWCH and $CONE.

Now cablecos $ATUS and $WOW are rumored to be sellers of pieces or the whole biz.


1. As CEO, Oak Thorne has built $GOGO into a monster.

It dominates private aviation WiFi with high-margin, recurring revenue: digital infrastructure 20,000 ft up.

Fly alongside us, streaming @bizbreakdowns on your private NetJets, as we breakdown Gogo.

One $BYTE Index constituent buys another:

$DBRG buys data center operator $SWCH for $11 billion.

It’s a continuation of the scorching hot data center M&A market within Digital Infrastructure.

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IO Digital Infrastructure Index

IO Digital Index Partners created the IO Digital Infrastructure Index to provide access to the growing, resilient, large digital infrastructure industry. It is a global index of 40 constituents that attempts to optimize for growth, soundness, and value.

The BYTE Index

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